Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Special visitors to Whio

Today Rohan brought his 2 new bunnies to school. The children loved having these special visitors in our studio. We had to make sure that we kept noise levels down and we used very gentle hands when they came close to us. Thanks for bringing them along Rohan!

Writing our pepeha

Today for writing in Whio we did our pepeha. The children wrote about their name, river,  school and their teacher. The children did an awesome job!

Reading time in Whio

During reading time we love to read with our reading teacher. But there is also a whole lot of ACTIVE play going on! We love to play with the lego, build our own bey blades, colour in,  dress up, play teachers and offices (with old computers), build huts, play in the sand pit, make puppet shows, play with the barbies, paint and use the dyes, build marble runs, make stuff with play dough, build with the 'Blue stuff' and so much more!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

We are Huritini!

Huritini is named after the part of the Halswell River that is known as a food gathering place for tuna (eel), manu (birds/waterfowl), korari (stalks of the flax) and kōareare (raupō/bulrush). It has many bends on this part of the awa (river).

The Whio and Tī Kōuka children made a big mural to show we are all part of Huritini.

Whio studio and Ti Kouka studio all used our handprints to paint the blue river and then drew a picture of ourselves to stand by the river.  

We are very proud of our 'We are Huritini' mural - please come and take a look next time you visit.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Gathering, sorting and displaying at maths time

This week Whio have been enjoying exploring the maths equipment and different ways of sorting and displaying them. There were some very creative ideas and lots of interesting patterns!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Whio's studio treaty

This week we read 'The Tree Hut Treaty'. In the story a group of children build a tree hut and decide they need a list of rules for how they will use the tree hut. They called it a treaty. We linked this to Aotearoa's Treaty of Waitangi and decided that we could have our own Whio Treaty to make sure we have a positive, safe and happy learning environment.

Each child made their own named Whio duck to show they agreed to the treaty and added this to our studio wall.

Awesome 'INTERACTORS' in Whio

Today in Whio we had lots of busy Halswell Interactors making the most of our first 'Open Door Friday'. On our 'Open Door Fridays' children can choose to work in Whio, TiKouka or outside.